SPEED-B – Software performance enhancement for encryption and decryption, and benchmarking

This conference addresses efficient and secure implemenation of secret-key and public-key cryptography and benchmarking. This conference follows the successes of the earlier SPEED and SPEED-CC conferences and extends the scope to benchmarking of software.

Invited Speakers

The following speakers have accepted:


Wednesday, October 19
13:00–14:00:  Welcome and Lunch
14:00–15:00:  Invited talk: Rich Salz What we need and want from you [slides] (session chair: Peter Schwabe)
15:00–15:30:  Coffee break
15:30–16:30:  Invited talk: Daniel J. Bernstein Benchmarking benchmarking, and optimizing optimization [slides] (session chair: Tanja Lange)
16:30–17:30:  Panel and Discussion on Open Research
Thursday, October 20
9:30–10:30:  Invited talk: Philipp Jovanovic Improved Masking for Tweakable Blockciphers with Applications to Authenticated Encryption [slides] (session chair: Peter Schwabe)
10:30–11:00:  Coffeee break
11:00–12:00:  Contributed Talks Session (session chair: Bo-Yin Yang)
11:00–11:30: Ko Stoffelen, Instruction Scheduling and Register Allocation on ARM Cortex-M [paper] [slides]
11:30–12:00: Gilles Van Assche and Ronny Van Keer, Structuring and optimizing Keccak software [paper] [slides]
12:00–13:00:  Invited talk: Diego F. Aranha Lightweight cryptography on ARM [slides] (session chair: Bo-Yin Yang)
13:00–14:30:  Lunch break
14:30–15:30:  Contributed Talks Session (session chair: Daniel J. Bernstein)
14:30–15:00:  Fabrizio De Santis and Georg Sigl, Towards Side-Channel Protected X25519 on ARM Cortex-M4 Processors [paper] [slides]
15:00–15:30:  Ralph Ankele and Robin Ankele, Software Benchmarking of the 2nd round CAESAR Candidates [paper] [slides]
15:30–16:00:  Coffee break
16:00–17:30:  Working Session (session chair: Peter Schwabe)
18:30 Dinner in restaurant Djakarta
Friday, October 21
9:30–10:30:  Invited talk: Agner Fog Optimizing software performance using vector instructions [slides] (session chair: Tanja Lange)
10:30–11:00:  Coffeee break
11:00–12:00:  Discussion and Work Session (session chair: Peter Schwabe)
12:00–13:00:  Invited talk: Jens-Peter Kaps eXtended eXternal Benchmarking eXtension (XXBX) [slides] (session chair: Tanja Lange)
13:00–14:30:  Lunch break

Call for Papers

There will be no formal proceedings, but a handout with abstracts will be provided to all participants. (This avoids submissions to SPEED-B from conflicting with submissions to forthcoming conferences with proceedings). For details on submission please read the call for papers in text format.

Scientific Committee

Deadlines and dates

Sep 4, 2016: submission of papers
Sep 18, 2016: notification
Oct 15, 2016: resubmission deadline


The event will start on October 19 in the early afternoon and end in the afternoon on October 21.


Registration is now open at https://projectbullrun.org/speed-b/reg.php.

The early registration fee is 130 EUR, covering all talks, dinner on the 20th, lunches on 19th, 20th, and 21st, and 4 coffee breaks. The deadline for early registration will be on September 27, 2015. Registrations after September 27 cost 170 EUR. Please also note that the venue has a limited capacity of 80 participants. We will close registration after we have received 80 registrations.

The bank details appear on the registration site and on the confirmation email. For completeness, here are all details. Please use 323120-1003616-$your-last-name as the subject/purpose of the transfer. Else we cannot trace the transfer.

Please contact us if you encounter problems paying the registration fee.


The workshop will be held in the Business Center Nederland, Utrecht. Note, there are two BCN locations in Utrecht. SPEED-B will be held at the one next to the train station in the city center. We have the Domzaal for our meeting.
Here are some route descriptions of how to reach the BCN, including parking information and walking instructions from the train station.


The BCN is on the city side of the train station, so any hotel close to the train station is suitable. As of now you can still pass through the station without having a ticket but it might happen any day now that they close the gates; so we recommend choosing a hotel on the city side.


For general matters: Anita Klooster secdm (at) tue.nl,
For technical matters: Tanja Lange tanja (at) hyperelliptic.org and Peter Schwabe peter (at) cryptojedi.org.

Last modified: 2016-10-29